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It’s time to revel in the glorious autumn days that signal the approaching cooler nights of our ever-so-mild winter.  And what better way to do that, than with a brew or two, or even a few.

At no other time of the year are you most likely to have such an extensive range of beer styles in your fridge. We can bask in our pleasantly warm winter days with a fruity sour or IPA and then wind down with a hoppy brown and shelter from the cold out, with a delicious dark oatmeal stout.

REVEL BREWING have some new releases that tick a few of these boxes… and if you can’t decide if you want to drink wine or beer, they can even tick both of those boxes. Among their limited releases in store, a beer-wine hybrid MONTEPULCIANO IPA. Also an ELLA FRESH HOP HAZY DDH SHIPA‘BROWNTOWN’ Hoppy American Brown Ale… and  ‘DARK STORM – MUM’S OATMEAL STOUT’

Also just in… another drop of GARAGE PROJECT! A re-stock of some of your favourites plus some VERY LIMITED large format bottle releases. Another beer-wine hybrid style in this selection too, as well as some hefty abv winter-warmers to share. Only a few bottles of each per store, so BE QUICK!!

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – 7.6% – Inner City Spontaneous Ferment
The first in a very special series of beers that capture the essence of Wild Workshop. Two parts New Zealand grown pilsner malt to one part raw wheat go through an extended brewing process to yield a wort that is rested in a traditional open coolship, then fermented entirely using the wild yeast and microbes present in the air. This first release is a special blend of one year old barrels producing a unique and beautifully balanced beer, a true expression of our inner city terroir.

SAVOIR FAIRE – 9.3% – Is it a beer? Is it a wine?
Savoir Faire, a classy affair. Hand harvested Marlborough Sauv Blanc grapes, naturally macerated, unpressed, in whole bunches under a blanket of carbon dioxide. After several days, the grapes were stomped then added to a specially brewed wort and allowed to co-ferment for a week before being gently pressed and aged in oak barrels for a year. Exactly 49% grapes to 51% wort, so technically it’s a beer… but only just. Picked, brewed and fermented especially for the Terroir Project.

THE GREAT DELUGE – 9.6% – Sour Porter
You can have too much of a good thing. London, 17 October 1814, one of the Horse Shoe Brewery’s massive beer vats collapses releasing over half a million litres of porter, demolishing nearby buildings and killing eight people – their causes of death variously described as drowning or drunkenness. The Great Deluge, brewed with barley, oats, roasted wheat and East Kent Goldings, then aged in oak barrels for over a year with brettanomyces and lactobacilli creating a throwback style porter with dark chocolate and coffee notes and a restrained tart twist. Enjoy in moderation.

OMNE TRIUM PERFECTUM – 12% – Coffee, Cherry, Bourbon Barrel Aged Sour
Three, it’s the magic number. OTP – a special series of sours, each batch combining a trio of unusual ingredients based on the perfect principle of three elements. This batch we’ve aged a cherry infused sour in bourbon barrels before spiking it with a shot of Crocky’s Cold Brew coffee, creating a unique threefold flavour combination of sour cherry, bourbon, and coffee. Omne Trium Perfectum, no more no less – for some reason, things just work better in threes.

Indeed they do, especially when it comes to beer… and good company.

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