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We are pleased to offer you the iconic wines of Mount Etna Master Frank Cornelissen …

‘The 2017 harvest has given impeccable fruit after a relatively dry growing season. The picking of the white grapes was extremely early, rain in September arrived in the right moment which resulted in perfect physical maturation for the Nerello Mascalese, even in the highest vineyards. The 2017 crus were picked in the right moon phase as well as zodiac. An unusual event which resulted in wines with depth and lots of fruit. Unusual for our style of wines, which generally is more earthy.’

‘Our single vineyard wines represent the incredible diversity of vineyard sites in the Northern valley of Etna. All these crus are individual expressions of exceptional vineyards which are vinified and bottled separately.  These wines are produced and bottled only in very good to exceptional vintages.’ Frank Cornelissen.

2018 Susucaru Rosso  – Offer Price $49
A field-blend of mostly Nerello Mascalese (85%) with other local varietals from our old vine vineyards: Nerello Capuccio, Allicante Boushet, Minella Nera, Uva Francesa and Minella Bianco. A wine with “high drinkability” combining body and character of Etna: elegance, structure, fragrance and personality.  Organic wine certification

2018 MunJebel® Rosso – DOP Etna Rosso –  Offer Price $95
A rich and fragrant wine of pure Nerello Mascalese from different vineyards, partly from our crus as well as the designated plots: Chiusa Spagnola, Rampante, Monte Colla, Feudo di Mezzo, Piano Daini and Crasà. A classic, traditional pure Nerello Mascalese with smooth tannins and sweetness of ripe fruit. A classic Etna Rosso from the Northern Valley. Organic wine certification.

2017 Magma® Rosso Barbabecchi – IGP Rosso – Offer Price $450
Our “Grand Vin”; a profound wine, rich and elegant at the same time with personality. The vineyard Barbabecchi is beautifully exposed and gets the first morning light. Tannins are tight and compact but refined and silky at the same time. A potentially great wine. Organic wine certification

2017 MunJebel® Rosso CR Campo Re – IGP Rosso – Offer Price $135
This pure Nerello Mascalese from the vineyard site Campo Re has for years been blended into the Contadino. This is the first year we have vinified the best parts of this vineyard separately and were surprised by the tannins and fragrance of this wine. The grapes never seem to reach perfect phenolic ripeness but this vineyard produces profound wines, especially in dryer vintages.

2017 MunJebel® Rosso CS Chiusa Spagnolo – IGP Rosso – Offer Price $135
This pure Nerello Mascalese comes from our ungrafted cru Chiusa Spagnola, a sub zone from the contrada Zottorinotto, situated lower in the valley floor and a bit hidden (like a treasure!). A unique vineyard due to the fact of being ungrafted at a lower altitude (620m. asl) and the extreme rocky site, surrounded by pure volcanic rock.

2017 MunJebel® Rosso FM Feudo di Mezzo sottana – Offer Price $135
This pure Nerello Mascalese comes from an old vine vineyard at the lower end of the large Feudo di Mezzo contrada, situated at 600m. This wine is characterised by its feminine structure of elegance and finesse which is quite unique in the Northern Valley.

2017 MunJebel® Rosso MC Monte Colla.  – Offer Price $135
This pure Nerello Mascalese comes from the cru in contrada Monte Colla. An extremely steep and terraced vineyard (elevation 760m asl), beautifully exposed to sun and wind and right in front of Mount Etna. The sandy clay soil and the old-vine Nerello Mascalese, planted in 1946, produces a rich and powerful wine, maintaining elegance. The “Hermitage” of Etna.

2017 MunJebel® Rosso PA Feudo di Mezzo-Porcaria.  – Offer Price $135
This pure Nerello Mascalese comes from our old vine alberello cru Porcaria, situated at 640 m. asl. in the contrada Feudo di Mezzo. A special location, although more difficult to achieve perfection in maturation compared to the other cru’s. It has the power but a refined elegance in the right vintages and worthy of a cru when everything falls into place.

2017 MunJebel® Rosso VA Vigne Alte – IGP Rosso. –  Offer Price $135
This pure Nerello Mascalese is a blend from our 3 highest vineyards (Vigne Alte): Pettinociarelle, Monte Dolce and Tartaraci. It expresses beautifully the value and precision of the old vine, ungrafted Nerello Mascalese on the high terraces in the Northern valley of Mount Etna.

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