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4th October 2019

Things are really heating up, summer is just around the corner, and that means we all need to be taking our weekend refreshment very seriously. Beer, beer and more beer… and you can find it at Craft!

NEW ARRIVALS this week include OTHERSIDE BREWING Triple Harvest, Headliner Double IPA and Experimental NZIPA… an aptly named MR BANKS DDH Pacific North West IPA “In Bloom” … and FUNK ESTATE“Super Fly” NZ IPA and Purple Rain Blackcurrant Sour. BALLISTIC has also canned that ‘summer feeling’ and a trip down memory lane for those who have found childhood memories of being purple rain-stained from tip to toe, with a very refreshing Mulberry Sour. Also in store, Ballistic’s newest Sleep When You’re Dead release.

11th October 2019

ALEFARM HAS LANDED. There’s been no calming of the farm at Craft this week… we’re in a state of high excitement about the arrival of ALEFARM!! We are launching one of Denmark’s top 5 rated breweries, across both stores this weekend. A family-run craft brewery specialising in beers styles rich in flavour and character… from modern hoppy offerings, to fruity sours and flavourful farmhouse ales.


  • Rising Rhymes – Rye IPA
  • Eversome – DDH Mosaic & Idaho IPA
  • Sparrows – 4 Hop Blend Hazy
  • Equations – Hazy IPA
  • Prelude to Goodbye – Dry Hopped Hazy IPA
  • Rain Hammer – 3 Hop, Dry Hop IPA
  • The Storm is Over – Scandi Pale
  • Nogenlunde Afklaret – Sour IPA
  • Altamira  – Raspberry & Pineapple Sour
  • The Trees Are Talking – Hazy Dry Hopped Farmhouse
  • Fragments – Tropical Fruit Kolsch
Speaking of beers rich in flavour and character… AND tradition… BELGIAN BEERS!! Also on tasting this weekend… MADOCKE BEER BREWING COMPANY. Brewed by Belgian ex-pats on the Gold Coast. Co-founder Annelies will share some of her Belgian heritage, as well as share some of their MADOCKE brews with you!
Friday 18th October
NEW ARRIVALS GALORE THIS WEEK, including newcomers to Craft … Melbourne’s TALLBOY & MOOSE, Kiwi cuzzie DUNCAN BREWING CO and REVISION BREWING of Nevada. Plus BELCHING BEAVER’S latest DEFTONES collab … new ALMANAC and MR BANKS … COOPERS 2019 VINTAGE and BALTER’S newest LIMITED RELEASE HAZY/DC … and GRIFTER is back in stock.

We also have some jewels of Bavarian brewing from the oldest monastic brewery in the world, WELTENBURGER KLOSTER, as well as KLOFTERBRAUEREI WEISSENOHER. Quite a mouthful.. the brewery names AND the brews! Rich, dark, strong Doppelbock was liquid food for Benedictine monks during times of fasting. A meal in a glass!

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