CHAMPAGNE DEUTZ TASTING Fri 27th October – hosted by Fabrice Rosset


hosted by Frabrice Rosset from House Deutz

Friday 27th October from 4 to 6pm

‘In its classic, eloquently labeled bottles, Deutz has upheld its air of consistently, refreshing, pure lemon sunshine’ Tyson Stelzer. The Champagne Guide

‘The wines of Deutz have a concentration of black grapes displaying excellent sophistication …’ Bernadette O’Shea. Champagne and Chandelier

Love Champagne? Then don’t miss tonights intimate Champagne tasting with special guest Fabrice Rosset, president of Deutz House.

Deutz has been doing its thing since 1838 and has remained family-owned for all 179 years. The family, however, changed with the purchase of the estate in 1983 by the Rouzaud family who also own Louis Roederer.

The Deutz wines epitomize elegance and finesse, culminating in the glorious blanc de blancs Cuvee William.

Join Fabrice from 4 til 6pm. All very welcome, and no charge.

* Please note tasting today will be from 4 to 6pm.


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