Pirate Life Brewing Launch Friday 17th July 5pm

“Where’s me Buccaneers?” said the Pirate Captain.

“On ya Buccan-head!” replied the Pirate Ship Crew.

“Where’s the Pirate Life beers?” said the Craft Beer Lovers of Brisbane.

“Why, there at Craft Red Hill of course” replied the crew of the good ship Craft.

Craft Beer Lovers, after a very long wait we are pleased to announce the much anticipated arrival of the awesome brews from Pirate Life Brewing. If you haven’t had chance to sample these beers we recommend getting into Craft on Friday afternoon (17th July) for our tasting and your chance to meet the Brewers Jack & Red. Their current offerings are the Throwback IPA a mid-strength hoppy number, Pale Ale & a Double IPA. We’ve tasted them all and they are seriously good beers! What is there not to love about a 500ml can of Double IPA?

Don’t miss your chance to try these beers and get your hands on some.

Friday 17th July from 5pm. See you then …

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