Craft Spirits

Craft Spirits

Italian malt whiskey? Italian pastis? Both seem rather improbable, but both exist and we have got our mitts on some.

The whisky (or almost whisky; it hasn’t made the statutory three years cask ageing) is from Puni Alba in Italy’s north, and its the first of its kind in the country, matured in Sicilian marsala casks for 18 months- exotic, complex, rich and nervy.

Argala Pastis is a stunner. It comes from a town on the French border, so it hasn’t  strayed too far from home. And it’s Kentucky Fried Chicken times three, with 35 different herbs and spices.

Then there’s Grappa di Romano Levi …

” The quintessential post-prandial!

Paglierina is the nickname given by locals of Neive to the grappa of Romano Levi, because all of his labels were unique, and hand-drawn. This classic rendition was distilled during Romano Levi’s lifetime in 2006, and bottled in 2014. Distilled from the vinacce of DOC & DOCG Barbera, Nebbiolo & Dolcetto d’Alba and bottled at 45%, this grappa truly transports you to the sunny hills of Piemonte, filling your body and your heart with the warmth of that special pocket of the world. The label is a reproduction of Romano Levi’s joyous series “Donna Selvatica che Scevallica la Colline”. 

Available now …

Puri Alba Italian Triple Malt $120

Argala Pastis $95

Grappa di Romano Levi $199

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