Modus Operandi Brewing

Saturday 18th April from 3pm

If you blinked at Easter then you missed out on our first delivery of CANimals from Modus Operandi Brewing from Mona Vale Sydney. What is a CANimal? A CANimal is a 946ml can that is filled & sealed directly from the source at the Brewery. It’s a bit like a one use squealer that is recycled rather than refilled. We were lucky enough to get our hands their Former Tenant Red IPA & the Zoo Feeder IPA. Judging by the rate they walked out the door, you Crafty Folk were quite keen to try their beers. We were to and they were both sensational beers. Now the good news is we have another batch hopefully arriving TODAY! This time around it will be their Mona Pale Ale & some more of the Former Tenant Red IPA.

Our friends at the Stratch are hosting the Modus Operandi crew today featuring the MO beers on their taps tonight. And tomorrow April Grant from MO Brewing will be paying us a flying visit from 3pm to crack open a few CANimals and have a chat about their beers. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on these award winning beers this time around.

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